Eye Q
Run time
30 Minutes
Henry Polic II
Johnny Gilbert
CBS Television City, Hollywood, California

Eye Q was an unsold pilot similar to Eye Guess.

Game FormatEdit

Main GameEdit

Two teams of two faced in a game of finding & memorizing answers to questions hidden on a game board with eight numbered squares. The difference between this pilot & Eye Guess is that the answers were not revealed & re-concealed prior to each round.

Host Henry read a question to one player, and then the player in control picked a numbered square he/she thought the correct answer hidden. An exposure of a wrong answer caused a funny reaction to occur. Players on both teams took turns throughout and finding correct answers earned points. The team with the most points at the end of the game won $500 in cash and went on to play the bonus game.

Bonus GameEdit

The bonus game is played on a 16 square game board. The catch is that the numbers are not in order, they are arranged at random, plus the winning team had their backs to the board. The object of this game was to get four boxes in a row either across or up & down (no diagonals) in eight picks or less.

Players on the winning team took turns picking off up eight numbers until they either get four in a row or run out of picks. If the winning team was successful in getting four in a row they won a jackpot which started at $10,000 and grew by $1,000 if not won. If they get four in a row on the first four picks, then they win $50,000.


The set used in this pilot was previously used on another pilot called Money in the Blank.


Theme - "Honky-Tonk Humor #2" by Henrik Nielsen (Ole Georg Music)

It was previously used on another failed Bob Stewart pilot Twisters.


Henry Polic II

Henry Polic II